Bone Density Degradation

Bone density is more popularly recognized as mineral bone density. This basically is a term which indicates the presence of mineral matter present in the bones of a human body. Out of 206 bones in the average human body, each and every bone must have a definite amount of mineral bone density. When bones start losing their mineral bone density, it means that they have become weak. Weaker bones are more susceptible to damage and fracture. It is often seen that people in their old age have a very low mineral bone density. This is the reason why their bones have more probability of getting damaged or fractured even in a minor accident. Since in old age, the immune system of the body becomes weak. Therefore healing of wounds and joining of broken bones is very slow and painful in people who are aged. Having poor mineral bone density has become an alarming issue of both men and women these days.


Today females who are aged between 30-40 years of age have also reported low mineral bone density. This is why it is very essential to take care of your health in your initial years. Low bone mineral density is the result of deficiency of calcium in your body in the growing years. After a certain age people stop taking calcium intake which is wrong. Calcium is an essential nutrient for people of all ages. Also irregular diet and eating habits also cause bone density degradation. Drinking and smoking have the most adverse effect on your bones. They enable the body to absorb all the calcium and phosphate from the bones, and this in turn reduces the mineral bone density of the bones leaving them to become very weak. You must have healthy diet and lifestyle habits in order to be healthy and strong in your life.